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Intelguardians was formed to provide complete security solutions, by meeting the ongoing need for holistic security within the ever-growing IT Security market. Our experts specialize in Intrusion Prevention, Detection, and Recovery.

Intelguardians, Inc. is formed by leading security professionals. Our group of individuals include senior security consultants, leading security instructors, authors of many of the top industry bestsellers; and contributors to open source projects including, Honeynet Project, and Bastille Linux.

Intelguardians provides network peace keeping for agencies and corporations worldwide.

Bob Hillery

Bob Hillery is an experienced consultant in Information Systems Security Management. He is a founder and Senior Security Analyst with Intelguardians, Inc. and has an extensive background in computer networks gained through the Navy and R&D labs. Bob has just completed a National Institute of Justice project investigating cyber attacks and forensic tool requirements as a senior researcher at Dartmouth College. He served as the Vice President of Academic Affairs & Chair of Informations Systems Department for NH Community Technical College, and has significant experience with the political side of security incident handling. Bob's professional certifications include CISSP, GCIA, GSEC, MCSE:Security, and the NSA IAM.

Ed Skoudis

Ed Skoudis is a founder and Senior Security Consultant with Intelguardians. Ed teaches SANS Track 4, "Hacker Techniques, Exploits and Incident Handling", on a regular basis. Ed's expertise includes hacker attacks and defenses, the information security industry, and computer privacy issues. He has performed numerous security assessments, designed information security governance and operations teams for Fortune 500 companies, and responded to computer attacks for clients in financial, high technology, healthcare, and other industries. Ed conducted a demonstration of hacker techniques against financial institutions for the United States Senate and is a frequent speaker on issues associated with hacker tools and defenses. He has published several articles on these topics, as well as the Prentice Hall best seller, Counter Hack: A Step-by-Step Guide to Computer Attacks and Effective Defenses. His latest book is titled Malware: Fighting Malicious Code. Ed was also awarded a 2007 Microsoft MVP award for Windows Server Security, and is a member of the Honeynet Project.

Jimmy Alderson

Jimmy Alderson is a web application and data correlation expert. Jimmy conducts network architecture reviews and security audits. He is an author of the “Syngress best seller Nessus Network Auditing”. Jimmy joins Intelguardians after working for ISS, Meta Security Group, and ESecurity Inc.

Jay Beale

Jay Beale is a security specialist focused on host lock-down and security audits. He is the Lead Developer of the Bastille project, which creates a hardening program for Linux, HP-UX, and Mac OS X, a member of the Honeynet Project, and the Linux technical lead in the Center for Internet Security. Jay is a columnist for Information Security Magazine, a co-author of seven books, and the series editor of the Syngress Open Source Security series. A senior research scientist with the George Washington University Cyber Security Policy and Research Institute, Jay teaches Unix Security at IDG and Black Hat conferences.

Mike Poor

Mike Poor is a founder and Senior Security Analyst with Intelguardians. Mike conducts forensic analysis, penetration tests, vulnerability assessments, security audits and architecture reviews. His primary job focus however is in intrusion detection, response, and mitigation. Mike is an author and editor of the international best seller “Snort 2.1” book from Syngress, and is a Handler for the Internet Storm Center. Mike teaches Intrusion Detection for the SANS Institute and has supported Intrusion Detection and Incident Response teams for the military, and has worked for Sourcefire as a research engineer, and for the SANS Institute leading their Intrusion Analysis Team.

Adam Scott

Adam Scott joined Intelguardians after working for AT&T, Global Integrity, SAIC, Predictive Systems, and International Networking Systems professional services firms. Adam has helped organizations develop Ethical Hacking methodology that has been applied across the world. Mr. Scott has a Master's and Bachelor's degree in Information Technology from the Stevens Institute of Technology. He is also a Certified Information System Security Professional (CISSP) and has published numerous articles and is often an invited speaker at various security conferences.

Tom Liston

Tom Liston joined Intelguardians as a lead network penetration tester and code auditor. Tom is the developer of the Open Source security application LaBrea, the GDI Scanner, and is the author of the popular series of diaries on the SANS Internet Storm Center titled: “Follow the Bouncing Malware”. Intelguardians is formed by experts in the Information Security Field. Our team members have authored industry best selling books and tools. Information Security is a necessity in todays business. Intelguardians provides the expertise that your business needs.

Matthew Carpenter

Matthew Carpenter is a Senior Security Analyst for Intelguardians. Matthew also periodically teaches Track 504, "Hacker Techniques, Exploits and Incident Handling" for The SANS Institute. With a background in telecommunications, and network and server security, Matthew's expertise includes hacker attacks and defenses, reverse engineering, and security vulnerability research. Matthew
has spoken at Defcon Security Conference, Information Systems Security
Association(ISSA) and Fortune 500 corporations, as well as released several open-source security research tools.

Sherri Davidoff

Sherri is a Senior Security Analyst with Intelguardians. She specializes in penetration testing, forensics and incident response, and also conducts architecture reviews and security assessments. Sherri founded the incident response team and managed UNIX/Linux security for the Boston Children's Hospital. She began her security career as a member of MIT's network security team, where she handled incidents and designed a network flow analysis tool. Sherri has an S.B. in Computer Science and Electric Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Kevin Johnson

Kevin Johnson is a Senior Security Analyst with Intelguardians. Kevin came to security from a development and system administration background. He has many years of experience performing security
services for fortune 100 companies, and in his spare time contributes to a large number of open source security projects. Kevin founded and leads the development on B.A.S.E. (the Basic Analysis and
Security Engine) project. The BASE project is the most popular web interface for the Snort intrusion detection system. Kevin is an instructor for SANS, teaching both the Incident Handling and Hacker Techniques class and the Web Application Security class. He has presented to many organizations, including Infragard, ISACA, ISSA and the University of Florida.


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