5 Clear Signs You Should Invest in SEO Services

If you are a small business owner in the United States, you may have heard a thing or two about the importance of search engine optimization (SEO) services. If you recognize any of the five signs listed below, you should really consider your business strategy with regard to SEO and Internet marketing:


1 – Google is Blind to You


The most obvious sign that you need to contract SEO services in a hurry is when you can’t find your business listed anywhere on the first or second search engine results page (SERP). This usually means that your online presence is not optimized for the major search engines such as Google and Bing. You need to have an SEO professional show you projections that illustrate just how much more profitable your business can be when your brand is optimized.


2 – Your Website Traffic Sucks


Are you getting too many visits from Russian bots or from IP addresses that suggest you are being used as part of a traffic exchange scheme? If the conversion rate on your website is not helping you get any business, or if your analytics report shows that visitors abandon your page shortly after arrival, you need a professional SEO audit. You may not have any quality keyword targeting in place, or your navigation may not be friendly enough for visitors to explore your website and become customers.


3 – Your Visitors Do Not Trust You


Let’s say your website has a telephone number in the Contact Us page, and you notice that you are getting calls from prospects who ask cagey questions as if they may be trying to figure out if your business is real. This could be a matter of a low SERP placement combined with inadequate presentation. If this is the case, you need SEO services to show that your business is legitimate and trustworthy.


4 – Your Brand Does Not Get Recognition


Let’s say you own a small pizza shop in Orlando that features a small dining room plus takeout and delivery. You notice that your tables get traffic and that your patrons like your pizza, but you are not getting that rush of dinner time delivery orders from the surrounding apartment buildings. It is very possible that your brand is being overshadowed by local competitors through SEO tactics. One of the tenets of SEO is that Google loves brands above all, which means that your business may need a special strategy to achieve this level.


5 – You Are Not Getting Premium Prospects


If you are an expert in your field, you should not only be getting significant online traffic but also inquiries from premium prospects who are willing to pay premium prices for your goods and services. Let’s say you manage a boutique legal practice in Orlando that specializes in bankruptcy representation, but you are only getting online inquiries from potential clients who just need you to help them out with forms and the meeting of creditors. What this could mean is that your online presence is not making your law firm come across as one that can help clients shield high-ticket assets from creditors. In this case, your law firm may be in need of a content and social media strategy.


In the end, SEO should help you to accomplish more than just getting to the top of the SERPs; they should also give you peace of mind with regard to your online brand positioning and Internet reputation.

Connectivity On A Global Front

Connectivity On A Global Front
Sources indicate that the internet, also known as the world wide web, turned 40-years-old in September 2014. The Internet has made both small and monumental steps internationally as a conveyance for commerce, research development and collaboration. Some see its future as bright and managed by the private sector, while others fear it will create unemployment as subsidiaries evolve.

Humble Beginnings
internet formerly known as ARPANet had its beginnings in the early 1960s. Both academics and military had similar interest in creating means for collaborative research and development. By 1975, network control protocol and e-mail as an application utilizing packet switching had been developed. Innovation of the internet is credited to J.C.R. Licklider, who through a series of memos shared with other academicians and scientists his idea for creating connectivity using computers. By the 1980s, packet switching satellite networks were used replacing ground-based radio networks. Open architecture made provision for individual networks with unique interfaces to be melded into the new protocol.

Commerce and Collaboration
the internet came into fruition during the mid 1980s, so too, desktop computers were successfully introduced to the general public. Companies began to form providing peripherals relative to data, storage, memory, and operation. Though Microsoft was charged to monopolize the market in the early 2000s, Apple, Cisco, Netscape, and a myriad of computer product manufacturers were household words. Private industry saw the creation of internet service providers to not only sell and service computers, but register customers to receive internet service through their respective business. Commerce and collaboration was occurring simultaneously as internet growth escalated.

Historic Milestones
can find various web sites that offer a time-line of the internet’s beginnings and continued development. It has demonstrated Licklider’s ideal to be a mechanism with global broadcasting capabilities. Numerous radio and TV outlets offer their transmission over the internet. Today, SmartPhone capability allows for portability and ease in utilizing the internet.
-In the late 1980s, creation of the internet name domain system was established by scientists from USC. Symbolic.com is said to be the first internet URL.
-By the mid ’90s, internet had over 300,000 users.
-In 2000, WIFI was seen as a stable alternative to fiberoptic lines.
-The movement from desktop computers to portable devices occurred steadily from 2007 to the present.

Amazon Destinations: A New Travel Product Industry Amazon is Taking On

Amazon has done it again. It’s recent launch of the new Amazon Destinations offers great getaway destinations form customers who want to go somewhere within driving distance from their home. Currently, Amazon Destinations only works in three U.S. cities: L.A., New York and Seattle. However, it is expanding to include a few other destinations within any given state.

This isn’t the first time that Amazon has tried to get into the travel industry. Previously, Amazon offered customers quick and deep discounts on hotels with discounts that ranged between 40% to 60% off.
The difference is that Amazon Destinations are handpicked by the team to include on the site, which means that it pulls away from the earlier pure discount model and posts the hotels normal rate and discounted rate given to Amazon. This allows the company to work with many more hotels on an ongoing basis.
The list includes popular travel spots like the Hamptons, NYC, the Catskills or the Andirondacks and more. Amazon says that the goal is to help travelers get interesting trips at a discounted price. The idea is to help travelers book local trips of 1 to 3 nights. The reason behind this local destinations idea is that 40% of all trips are weekend trips taken within driving destination of the consumer’s home. However, under normal circumstances booking these small weekend trips takes a lot of research and is time consuming, as consumers often don’t know where to go in a local area.

The current destinations site is now set up to collect user reviews and other features that Amazon is so well known for. This could make this a competitor of Yelp, TripAdvisor or other service. This is just one of the expansions Amazon is making. The idea is to go beyond physical products that are shipped out; beyond the digital items like books, music and CDs.
This comes in combination with other expansions like Amazon Home Services, a marketplace that connects local customers to local professionals. The new Amazon Destinations is still under the local area connection competing with Groupon, offering shopping deals as well as hotel, restaurant, bar club and other physical and non physical products. Amazon destinations is now available both online in traditional web formatting as well as on Amazon local mobile app.

Keeping connected with your family from your Texas home

It’s a great feeling when you can keep connected with your family from the comfort of your Texas home. HughesNet Midland, Texas
is great when it comes to keeping you connected to family and friends. A lot of people are skeptical about satellite internet until they focus on the many advantages of this form of internet. There are a lot of internet providers around that can offer you deals and make a lot of promises, but when it comes to satellite internet, it differs from other internet providers in many ways.

DSL VS Satellite Internet

A lot of people wonder what’s the difference between DSL internet service and HughesNet Midland satellite internet service. DSL is provided in many locations throughout the country like satellite internet, but DSL is known for having an extremely slow connection to the internet and dropping signal. If you don’t have at least a fair connection to the internet, page load times can take several minutes, sometimes hours. With satellite internet, you don’t have to worry about slow connections and page loads that take forever.

Satellite Internet VS Cable

Cable is a popular source of internet for many people. Cable has its perks and flaws like everything else. How does cable internet and satellite internet differ? It’s all about availability. In order to have great cable internet service, the service has to be available. In many places around the world, cable is not offered because it is not available due to signals. Cables have to be dug in order for individuals to have access to the internet via a cable provider. Satellite internet does not have that issue because there are not any limits with satellite internet. There is not a bunch of fancy setup equipment required and a bunch of wires hanging around.

Satellite Internet Itself

Satellite internet is not new to the game of internet connections, but it has been revamped and remodeled for the best. A technician will come out and set up your internet without the hassle of intruding in your home for hours and entering places within your home you would rather a stranger not enter. You will have a reliable internet connection that allows you to keep in touch with everyone from the comfort of your home. Calling technical support and waiting for hold for hours is something you can put in the back of your mind while you enjoy wireless internet service.

Basics of Online Saftey

Online Safety

The advent of the internet brought with it vast opportunities that can be exploited by various individuals either for social or professional objectives. With all its advantages, the internet has posed a lot of dangers to the online users. Of particular concern are the vulnerable groups such as children. It is not surprising that the internet has been compared to the Wild West. The Wild West of America has provided both opportunities and dangers in equal measure. The following are some of the risks associated with the use of the internet:
-Online predators
-Exposure to inappropriate internet materials
-Insecurity over personal information.
Having said that, understanding and eventually adopting the most effective ways of promoting online safety is a matter of paramount importance.

Online Safety
There are various ways in which one can ensure online safety, both for personal safety and the safety of other parties. To start with, you should only share only enough information without stating extra personal information. In other words, when it comes to filling personal information through the web, only answer what you are asked. For example, identity theft is based on the ability of other users to assess your personal data and information.
Second, it is not uncommon for the password to compromised. In this regard, one should avoid writing down the passwords more so if one’s diary and other writing material is accessible to others. Online SafetyIn addition to that, the password should not be obvious. For example, if you create a password based on the state you were born in, New Jersey for instance, it would not be very difficult for an online criminal to guess the password. It is advisable that a password has numbers, does not show a similarity with the user name, and uses a combination of upper and lower cases.
Third, the use of Virtual Private Network (VPN) is very important. This is because it helps you to to protect your online activity from prying eyes more so when in the wifi hotspots. Most importantly, it helps you in ensuring secured network connections and lays a solid security infrastructure.
Fourth, the Family Online Safety Institute provides guidelines and policy concerning how parents and caregivers can ensure online safety for their children. It should be noted that the children are particularly vulnerable to cyber-bullying and other internet risks. In this regard, parents can act as a resource in ensuring that the parents and caregivers use internet opportunities safely. More engagement with the children on the various challenges posed by the internet landscape can be promote responsible behavior among the children and promote their online safety.
Lastly, the government should lay down legislation that makes cyber crime more difficult. By extension, law enforcement agencies should be more aggressive in hunting down internet criminals. It has been observed that successful litigation on crimes is an effective deterrence to new cases of crime.

The positive value of the internet cannot be underestimated. Similarly, the risks posed by the use of the internet cannot be underestimated. Recognize the various internet risks will give room for effective interventions to both the adults and the children. Overall, online safety is the responsibility of the individual online users, families, the public and private sector, and the government.