Maximiliano Magnus Poor

6 lbs, 19 inches of Joy!

Welcome Max
Just the facts, ma'am, just the facts
Facts about the birth of Max

Max arrived October 3
Just as evening fell
Babe and Mom are just fine
They both are doing well


He's nineteen inches, six pounds and a bit
Blond, blue-eyed, gorgeous, fit
His name is bigger than he --for sure
He is Maximiliano Magnus Poor

And we are filled with limitless joy
At the arrival of this beautiful boy
So raise your glass and give a cheer,
Welcome, Max, we're glad you're here.


Happy Birthday Liz!

Happy Birthday Max!

Hey O' Daddy-O!

Regina, our amazing midwife

Super Liz!

Maximiliano Magnus Poor

Charlene, the fabulous birth assistant

Grandparents Poor

Grandparents Henry
Grandparents Henry

Formula 1 Fan

Max the turtle

Guess what Im doing...

uncle Zapata

Ready for Take-off


you called?

sushi in the park

Confucious say..

peanut picnic


the yellow duck has been bathed